Land & LIVE | An HFI Program


The helicopter industry has a real financial interest in preventing accidents. Every accident drives up underwriters’ assessment of risk. And who ultimately pays? You, the helicopter operator, do.

A Return on Health, Safety, and Environment Investment (ROHSEI) analysis can demonstrate the real cost of an accident to an operation. Conversely, it can show the value of making safety investments.

During a Rotor Safety Challenge session at HELI-EXPO 2013, Dr. David Eherts, Chief Safety Officer for Sikorsky Aircraft, used a case study to demonstrate the value of a ROHSEI analysis when making the case for safety.

Check the numbers yourself. Investing in safety by telling your pilots you support Land & LIVE and will back their decision if they make a precautionary landing could be one of the most cost-effective decisions you’ll ever make. 

Show your customers you value their lives above all else:

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