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As an operator, you know your reputation — for running a safe, professional helicopter operation — affects your bottom line.

One of the surest ways to enhance this reputation is to stand behind an employee who has made a safe — if possibly unpopular — decision, such as to make a precautionary landing instead of continuing on in deteriorating conditions.

Precautionary landings may inconvenience passengers and clients. But precautionary landings save lives. And by breaking the accident chain, they save money — and businesses. Because, as Sikorsky Aircraft’s chief safety officer, Dr. David Eherts, explained during a presentation at HAI HELI-EXPO 2013, any accident is everyone’s accident.

Let your pilots know that you will stand behind them when they make the tough decision to terminate a flight. Your public support for precautionary landings dovetails perfectly with the just culture that your safety management system seeks to instill. And it tells your passengers and clients that you value their safety even above their business.

When you commit to the principles of Land & LIVE, you are telling your employees and your customers, “The successful completion of your flight is important to us. The safe completion of your flight is even more important.” 

The Business Case for Safety
Learn more about why adopting a Land & LIVE approach to precautionary landings is smart business.

Add Land & LIVE to Your Operation
Want to incorporate support for precautionary landings into your standard operating procedures? We’ve got some sample language that will help.

The Land & LIVE Pledge for Operators
Ready to commit? Pledge to support your pilots if they decide a precautionary landing is in the best interest of their passengers.


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