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There’s a safety tool in every helicopter pilot’s toolbox capable of breaking almost every accident chain. But too often, this tool remains tucked away, hidden in the dark recesses of the bottom corner of the toolbox. It’s the Precautionary Landing. Land & LIVE. Is your flight not going well? Do you have a warning light? Are you or your passengers not feeling well? Is the weather turning? Are you low on fuel? As pilot in command, only you can decide if you should continue the flight. Or take advantage your helicopter’s unique ability to land almost anywhere, and make a precautionary landing.

Pilots, pledge to consider this tool when making safety-of-flight decisions en route. Get more information and take the pledge.



Operators, support your pilots who choose to land rather than put passengers in jeopardy.



First Responders, a helicopter has just landed at the high school ball field. Can they do that? Here’s what you need to know.

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